Brown Sugar and Ninja Sake

Healing Techniques

The ninja needed to have stamina, and there were many occasions when they were forced to the limits of their mental and physical abilities. On such occasions their training obviously paid dividends, but there were also times when they had to use healing techniques.

Since fatigue brought on by physical activity leads to the consumption of glycogen by the liver and muscles, the blood sugar level falls. To rapidly make up for this, the ninja used to eat brown sugar. Brown sugar is rich in minerals, and its faintly sweet taste helped relieve the ninja’s fatigue. In order to relax mentally, the ninja drank ninja sake. Ninja sake is a kind of herbal wine, and it was drunk to help relieve fatigue and as a tonic. There are various kinds of ninja sake, but the main ones are Nindoshu, Torinshu, Kukoshu, Ryuganshu and Soshu.

Nindoshu, Torinshu, Kukoshu, Ryuganshu, Soshu