Handmade Tofu

Handmade Tofu-A Ninja Favorite

Soya beans are traditionally supposed to have magical powers, and the practice of scattering soybeans at the festival of Setsubun in February to drive out demons and evil spirits is just one example of the faith people had in the bean’s powers. Soybeans thus came to form an integral part of the Japanese way of life. The ninja skillfully incorporated soybeans into their own lifestyles to help them stay fit and healthy, and one of the most typical ninja foods made using soybeans was handmade tofu.

  1. Soak soybeans overnight in water.
  2. Add just a tiny amount of soybean oil, then boil until the beans dissolve.
  3. Strain to remove the lees.
  4. Boil the creamy white liquid again.
  5. After boiling, add bittern using chopsticks. When the bubbles have disappeared, put into a cloth bag.
  6. Finish by placing in a rice tub, where it will set naturally.

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