Pearl Barley Porridge

Pearl Barley

Pearl barely came to Japan from China early in the 18th century. The ninja noted the vitality of pearl barley, which grows well even on wasteland, and sought to incorporate it into their diet. Pearl barley is in fact a nutritionally well-balanced cereal, high in protein, the vitamin B complex, calcium, iron and dietary fiber. Moreover, the seeds had a diuretic effect and it helped to prevent obesity.

Pearl barley porridge recipe

Pearl barley is a true grass, and this recipe makes use of its stickiness.

  1. Remove the hulls and cook thoroughly with brown rice using slightly more water than normal.
  2. When it thickens, add a little salt and it is ready to eat.Pearl porridge has a sticky consistency and is absolutely delicious. It is also the perfect diet food as eating just a little makes you feel full.

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