Diet Konnyaku

How to cook Konnyaku

Konnyaku – The Ultimate Diet Food

  1. Soak a konnyaku (devil’s tongue) corm dug up in late autumn in water.
  2. Rub off the dark outer skin with some rope and wash well.
  3. Grate finely and mash to form a gelatinous lump.
  4. Boil well in strong lye and shake clean in water.
  5. Boil and wash like this 5-6 times until the konnyaku turns to jelly.

Heat up again in water before eating.

Konnyaku not only relieves thirst and hunger, but the high fiber content also cleanses the insides. Given that konnyaku’s cleaning action and effectiveness for relieving thirst and hunger is only now attracting attention, the knowledge the ninja had of its effects is quite astonishing.