Sesame Seeds Give You Guts!

Sesame seeds give you vigor and strengthen bones and joints.

Black sesame seeds may seem tiny but they have enormously beneficial effects. They are said to sharpen the hearing and eyesight, and they also improve the functioning of the large and small intestines. Eating them every day strengthens the teeth and bones and helps build a body suitable for combat sports. The oil is also of superior quality; it does not freeze in winter, and when used for lamps produces a flame that creates little soot and does not flicker in the wind.

The flowers and leaves of black sesame were also used.

Long-stemmed black sesame can measure up to 3-4 feet in length. The leaves (called “seijo”) were used for food when the seedlings emerged, and the sap was used by women for their hair. The flowers were used as a medicine to cure warts, and as is well known, the oil was also used for frying. The oil was obtained by boiling and extracting whilst still hot, and was used as fuel for lamps. Sesame could be eaten, spread on things and used as fuel, and all in all, it was an invaluably useful plant.

[Black sesame seeds]

[Lit white sesame oil]

[Sesame flowers]